Saturday, August 6, 2011

8/6/11 - Pouring Cement Has Begun

Who could believe in prophecies of Daniel or of Miller that the world would end this summer, while one milkweed with faith matured its seeds?  Thoreau - Faith in a Seed

"Fogged in" is a good description for the viewing today - but then again, at 6 am, it is probably not surprising.  It was clear in the valley at the base of the mountain, but certainly Mother Nature was tampering with the elements on the summit.  From one side of the summit lot, you could barely distinguish the outlines of objects on the other side, perhaps 50 yards away.  But still ... construction progress continues.

From the Army Communications building looking toward the construction (L) and the present tower (R).
As I warned ... visibility was at a minimum.  

But, approaching closer to the site, we can see that advances have been made in the course of the past week ... WIP, as they say in the construction business.  [Work In Place - and this is the measure of what the contractors get paid!]

The large anchors have been removed from the walls on the western and southern sides of the tower structure.  That can only mean that they contractor is sure the winds will not cause them to fall.  My guess is that cement has been poured!

The Anchors have been removed!

And I am correct.  In the picture below, as you look closely into the rebar that protrudes from the wall, you can see the cement that has been poured.

In the seam of exposed rebar, one can see in.  They have poured!
 If one looks closely all about the site, indications of passageways are evident.  Save for one opening in the center, there would be no opening for laborers to enter the inside to do the work.

Access passageway - between the rebar grid.
Rock pile for the facade
 Clearly we evidence work progress on the inside.  But it is evidenced by visual signs about the site as well.  The open access ports, the seams with exposed concrete, the missing wall anchors, piles of rock for the facade.  A couple more weeks and I suspect the enclosure will be solid.  Then the ramps, and then the superstructure and the cap of the fire-watch compartment.

Wall of Rebar on the eastern side ... soon to become a wall.

Another opening for access to the inside of the base.
While work continues on the tower base, little or nothing has moved in the parking lot.  

Parking Lot Entrance
Since one can't drive up the Summit Road ... I wonder what this blockade is supposed to block?

Mt House Trail and Parking Lot

Since it's so foggy, I took a look around for other interesting sights ... not only was it foggy this morning, but there was a pretty stiff breeze coming from the ... ? what direction?  As usual ... from the north - north-west!  Over time, summit trees take a set and grow that way.  

Summit vegitation - overlook to the East

And take a look at the only tree on the summit - over near the Army Radio Relay building (toward the chair lift) ... see how it leans to the E-SE.  Unfortunately, this year it has died - probably due to the harsh winter of 2010-2011.  But still, it was most likely planted in an upright position ... even at a few years of age, it could not fight the winds, and it leaned as they blew.  I remember this tree well, for it is on this little postage stamp piece of green that I pitched my tent 6 years ago for the "Walk to Wachusett."

Winter on Wachusett - harsh reality.

Below the summit while sitting on one of the ski-lift chairs, I relaxed and looked over the fog-clad landscape ... or at least 40 or 50 yards into the distance.  The solitude I sensed was yet another of the many experiences one encounters on Wachusett.  Why don't you come visit?

Next week?  more progress; perhaps better conditions at 6:00 in the morning.  Better?  That depends on your perspective.  Let's say, perhaps clearer conditions!

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