Monday, November 14, 2011

11/13/11 - Stonework Facade Continues Upward

Read not the Times. Read the Eternities. Conventionalities are at length as bad as impurities. Even the facts of science may dust the mind by their dryness, unless they are in a sense effaced each morning, or rather rendered fertile by the dews of fresh and living truth. Knowledge does not come to us by details, but in flashes of light from heaven.
Henry David Thoreau - Life Without Principle - 1863

 Today was a beautiful day, and, although the leaves rest on the lawn, front and back, small household repairs await, and shirts lay to be ironed, the pull of the summit was too strong.  My wife said, "Go."

The road is closed, but that didn't stop folks from hiking to the summit on this beautiful Autumn day.   I found the crowd to be happy, cheerful, talkative, and yet, from the summit, as it does to us all, we turn to the still of the scene.

The stone facade creeps ever closer to the top of the observation deck.  The steel chad hangs motionless, the trench for the grounding cable is still open, and the 9/11 flag still flies proudly.

November Skies
The Old "Hanging Chad"
It would appear to me as if each beam is attached to the rectangular plate by a series of three bolts and possibly a weld.  But for sure, it can't stay where it is!  We'll keep watching for the repair.

Detail - Chad
Grounding Cable - West Side Wall
Ramp - West Wall
Medieval Fort Weapons Ports
Well, that's what my first thought was!  Actually, this detail of the South Wall, enables us to study the work of the stone mason.  Remember that the openings are for the connection point of the hand rail which has yet to be placed on the structure.  In general, we see large stones, small stones, long stones, and short stubby ones, all carefully and skillfully placed.  But, above each opening, we find a common theme - the KEYSTONE to the arch.  As the mason built around the points at which the railing will be secured to the interior wall of the facility, he had to ensure that the wall would not collapse about the topmost point of the opening.  This is clearly done with placement of a broad hefty stone across the width of the opening; this stone bears the weight of those above it as it is supported in turn by a column of lesser rocks at either end.. 

Arch with Capstone - Detail - North Wall
More Tools of the Stone Mason
Stone Mason Tools
NE Corner - More Stonework
Remembering 9/11/01
Shingleless Cab
Not a good picture, but just to remind me that the shingles are not yet on the cab.  I am not sure how that will go with the crow's nest yet to be placed up there.
One of My Favorite Locations for the Shoot
South towards Worcester
Lots of visitors today made the trek to the summit.  In a general survey over the weeks, I would say that most people were unawares of the project as they reached the top.  I told many the story of what was happening and they were eager to hear it.  Of those who knew of the project, I would guess that the vote on acceptance comes about right down the middle - 50 - 50 ... approve, disapprove!  

And Henry David Thoreau?  I think he would approve!


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    Thanks, you guys that is a great explanation. keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Gexton. Always nice to see someone check out the site. It was a wonderful project and I am happy to have been able to put it together.

      Not much going on at the summit except the discharge of skiers at the end of the lift. A couple of stones have fallen from the north facade, but that is probably due to the fact that, Mick the mason, had to work in the cold last fall/winter before he stopped. After they built him a tent, he continued with the rest of the work ... as you will see in later posts. I spoke to him and he will go back in the sprint with warmer weather and reposition those pieces.

      If you ever get out this way, drop a line and we can take a trip to the tower.

      Thanks again, Bob