Friday, December 23, 2011

12-23-11 The Railings Have Arrived!

The way you spend Christmas is far more important than how much.
--Henry David Thoreau

Today is the first day of my Christmas vacation and since I did not get a chance to summit last weekend, I was anxious to visit and see what progress might have been made ... if any!  

It rained throughout the night, and I knew that snow was in the forecast so I was ready for either as I made the climb.  Heavy torrents of water splashed down the rocky trail as I made my way upward, but the warmer temperature did not allow for it to freeze as it had done on my last visit.  Snow fell gently until I reached the summit area and then it came down much harder.   The temperature was just above freezing with a gentle wind.  I was actually afraid that the summit would be clad in fog or conditions that might give me a problem with the camera.

This snowfall, being light and not expected to accumulate to any degree, is just a tease to the ski operation on the NE side of the mountain.  Only one slope is open at present and snow making continues to be intermittent at this time.  But ... it will come, fear not.

As I reached the summit clearing, I noticed a plow coming down the upper road from the construction site, but I saw no workers. When I reached the construction area, the gate was open - I could see the tire tracks leading out of the fenced area.  And so, with an open gate, I entered to get a closer view of the tower.

A closer look around to see the details and I discovered that the south facade opening to the interior containment room was open.  In fact, the opening now has doors, but they were open.  Just what I needed to take a peek around inside.  And so I entered.

Come On In!
I knew there was a containment cube inside the building (the tan structure), and I had been told that the electronics gear would go inside that container.  One might recall that earlier in the project, it had been placed inside before the roofing and the tower went up.  Now ... what might be in here?

Inside the door to the Right
 Answer?  Not much at this point.

The rusty column is one of four main supports that goes deep into the bedrock.
Inside the door to the Left
As you can see, the containment structure sits in the middle of the main building, with a passageway approximately 6 - 8 feet all around.  It was dark inside so I needed to use the flash ...  unfortunately, moisture in the air reflected back and the pictures are not real good.  But, we get the idea. 

Continuing around the corner
The two "windows" open into the containment cube which is essentially an empty cement cell with a door at the far end.  This would be the Western side of the inside containment cube.
Looking through one of the Windows
I am looking through one of the windows ... looking Eastward.  Obviously, nothing has transferred to the new facility from the fenced in area of the current tower structure.

As I was about to leave, I glanced up to the ceiling.  And what to my wondering eyes did I see?  That's not teak floor boards is it?  It sure is.  The observation deck from below!  I can't wait to see it from above sometime next Spring or Summer!

Observation Deck Boards from inside the Building
And so what about the outside.  Anything new going on there?

Tower in Snowfall
For starters, the "hanging chad" has been secured.  No longer do we see an opening in the topmost "X" of metal supports.  But with the opening secured, I wonder how they will mount the access ladder for the Rangers when it arrives?

Too Cold for the Stone Mason
Mick (Stone Mason), will probably have to wait until Spring to continue with the wall.  Of course, that will not happen until the railings are in place.

Western Wall
Eastern Wall - Where the Ramp Begins
Southern Wall - Door to the Interior Cell
Whose footprints are those?  And below, another view of the Southern Wall.  You can see the blur of the snowflakes.
New Doors to the Interior
Cab View from Below
Old Glory on the NE Corner
NE Corner
I must continue with this view (above) ... one that I have been able to capture from the first day ... a corner shot of the NE Corner.

The Survey Marker Remains Protected
With all the work, the constant remains the Survey Marker.  I wonder how they will present it when the project is completed?

Eastern Wall
Northern Wall

 And what do we have over here on the side of the site?

The Long Lost Railings!
Railings, Railings, Railings...
What was thought to be "weeks away" has become "the present."  Finally, the railings have arrived!.  At first glance, it looked like a pile of PVC Pipe, but on closer examination, the railings are all wrapped in white tape as a means of protecting the finish during transit.  I can't wait to see what it looks like when the tape is removed and all is secured. 

Then Mick can finish the stone work.
Snow Bound Parking Lot
 And then, it was time to leave.  But, there is still work to be done.  I'll be back.


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