Sunday, April 8, 2012

4/07/12 - The Final Wait

Let me suggest a theme for you: to state to yourself precisely and completely what that walk over the mountains amounted to for you, — returning to this essay again and again, until you are satisfied that all that was important in your experience is in it. Give this good reason to yourself for having gone over the mountains, for mankind is ever going over a mountain. Don't suppose that you can tell it precisely the first dozen times you try, but at 'em again, especially when, after a sufficient pause, you suspect that you are touching the heart or summit of the matter, reiterate your blows there, and account for the mountain to yourself. Not that the story need be long, but it will take a long while to make it short.
Henry David Thoreau - Letter to Harrison Blake, 11/16/1857

Reading Thoreau's quote above, it now occurs to me that after having ascended this mountain for the past 12 months [40 ascents in total] to review the progress of this construction project in weekly segments, I might want to review the importance of this experience.  Perhaps, after a few or after many attempts, I might find that I am able to touch "the heart or summit of the matter ... and account for the mountain" to myself.

For today, on reaching the summit and looking about, I find that nothing has changed from last week.  The tower remains the same, pretty much complete save the electronics and communications features; the generator is now in place although some of the rocks in that area appeared to have been moved about this past week; even the backhoe and the lift vehicle remain as they were last week.  Nothing has happened!  No change can I see for today.

No Change Today
Eastern Wall - NE Corner
NE Wall

NW Corner and Ramp
 On viewing the ladder structure, I did notice that one corner is still covered with plastic sheeting from the factory and the other has had it removed.  Previously, I wondered why the difference but I could not discern that it was just the plastic on one and not the other.

Plastic Covering On Lower Landing
Upper Landing - Plastic Covering Removed
 And so I proceeded to the generator and power station elements of the project.

Green Box - Unidentified but ... Humming
I did notice that there are two green LED lights that shine on the control panel of the generator.  I didn't notice that last week.  I can also hear a medium pitched humming noise coming from the "green box" to the left of the generator.

Power Station
SW Corner
And below, you can see for sure that nothing has changed ... not even the presence of a stray piece of steel on the ground ... it was there last week as well.

Lift Vehicle and Stray Steel Beam
 I sure hope that didn't get left out of the assembly puzzle!

View to Worcester - South
Another day, another week.  We will see what awaits in the weeks ahead.  And perhaps someday soon I will have had enough time to detail "the heart or summit of the matter ... and account for the mountain" to myself.  

I'll let you know when that happens!

And finally, I wish a Blessed Easter to you and to yours.

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