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6/9/12 - Landscaping On The Summit

If you can speak what you will never hear, if you can write what you will never read, you have done rare things.  
A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, Henry David Thoreau  - 1848

Finally, a morning without fog and rain!  Today I was greeted at the summit by a bright sun filled sky, robins in the trees, and a rabbit scrambling down the path before me.  A real delight!  A slight breeze cooled even further a 60 degree morning.  It was very clear ... so clear that I could see a white mist just above the horizon to the NW indicating the Connecticut River. (center, to R of Windmills)

Clear View to the NW - Windmills of Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner, MA.
And I did find evidence of some change since my last visit two weeks ago - nothing major, but a little.  Immediately upon exiting the Mt. House trail at the new summit parking lot, I could sense a change.  I saw bales of hay and orange pylons above me where the old road led up from the new handicapped lot.  And, getting closer, I saw that the perimeter fence has been relocated on the east about 15 yards closer to the tower.  In fact, that complete section of paved road has been uprooted.  I suspect that it will soon be a paved walking path to the summit.  Inside the fence, it also appears as if the soil has been roughed up or perhaps it is a new layer of soil. 

The Approach - Something Different
Relocated Fence - East Side Only

E-S Summit

Inside the Fence - View to the South

New Tower - foreground
As far as the towers go, it is difficult to see any change at all.  Perhaps there are more antennas in place, but that's all.  No evidence is available to indicate that the ode tower is coming down soon.

There was one thing I noticed on the western side.  From the very beginning, there has always been an extension cord stretched from the old tower through the fence and into the new tower building.  No more.  The unbillical cord has been cut!
The Umbilical Cord Has Been Cut
The new tower certainly, in the clear bright sunshine, has the look of a real working structure.  The side windows are dropped slightly from the top - probably to let in some fresh air, and I could see the shades moving slightly with the morning breeze.

I look at the crow's nest with a couple of antennas attached and I do wonder about its design.  Why does it look like someone should be standing up there with binoculars scanning the horizon for signs of smoke?  Isn't that what they do in the cab?  Perhaps someone will let us know.

And the usual site of my standby pictures gave no change ... as I would expect.

Twin Towers
NE Corner
NE Corner
 Never noticed this before!  Someone at the fabrication shop must have thought this a simple project ... just label the beam as "Fire Tower."
Profile of New Tower
SE Corner
West Side
South Side - Door Locked (I presume!)
Upper Summit Access - Landscaping
It probably won't be long now.  But we will continue until the final touch has been applied ... to include the dismantling of the old tower!  Don't go away ....

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