Saturday, July 9, 2011

7/9/11 - Foggy Morning Construction Report

The blueberries which the mountain afforded, added to the milk we had brought, made our frugal supper, while for entertainment, the even-song of the wood-thrush rung along the ridge.  
Thoreau - A Walk to Wachusett

You can be sure the blueberries are still to be found on the summit; after all, it is July!  And so I found the blueberries for an early morning treat along with a summit covered fog.  It is 6:30 am and that will burn off in a couple of hours, making for a glorious day on Wachusett, much like Thoreau experienced in in 1842.

Today I found the foundation complete and workers have begun to hang the forms for the perimeter walls which will be the basis of the observation deck.  Rebar protrudes from the base at approximately 4 - 6" intervals.  Much of the "hole" has now been back-filled and there apparently is need now for but one back-hoe on site. 

Piles and Lower Foundation complete - Rebar will support Upper Foundation.
This wall faces the current fire watch tower on the western side of the summit area.

East side foundation .
I was interested in visiting this morning to learn of the progress of this eastern foundation.  Working quickly, they have now completed it.  The backhoes have also filled in about the wall.  And the "hole" from a few weeks back is almost at ground level again!

Dumpster, Bathroom, Sandbags, and Storage Container. NW side of the site.
Every construction site must have these components ... and I forgot, a picnic table on the southern side of the site for the workers.

Rebar - still more to go.

Sandbag at work securing the fencing.

Heavy AM fog ... from eastern side of summit looking west where pavement from Up Summit ends
One thing is for sure; there will be no more finish lines for road races or the Longsjo Classic here at the end of the pavement on the summit.

Climbing up on the backhoe, I garnered a view from the lower parking towards the east and the lot entrance.

From backhoe looking south to Mt. House Trail and the eastern side of the parking lot.
Probably to secure proper drainage, they have now dug a fairly large (length and width) hole in the middle of the "new" enlarged parking area.  Previously, it had appeared to be all leveled, but today, the hole is there and the lot looks more like a construction site.  This will be the center island of the new lot.

From atop the backhoe, looking to the western end of the parking lot.

From atop the backhoe, looking to the south-western side of the parking lot.

Southern end of the parking lot ... full retainer wall the length of the lot.

Up Summit Road at the Mt. House Trail Crossing

Last year the road improvements portion of the project were completed.  This included improving the surface as well as improved drainage ditches and retainer walls where needed.

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