Saturday, July 2, 2011

7/2/11 - Tower Piles Complete ... Observation Foundation 50% Complete

This morning's visit provided an indication of clear progress on the main piles.  Where there were holes in the bedrock and no previous indication of a perimeter foundation, it is clearly in progress now.  Perimeter foundation is about 50% complete.

The Backhoes remain as are the bales of hay surrounding what I hope is the U. S. Coastal Surveyor marker in the center of the parking lot.  I sent an email to the project managers over a year ago in hopes that they would, as a minimum, salvage the marker.  Now it appears as if it will be retained in the ground as it was fixed years ago.

View from East Viewing Platform

Rebar in all shapes and forms, tagged and staged for use.

Notice the sandbags (this picture and the one above)  which anchor the fencing all about the perimeter of the construction site.  I am guessing 50 lb bags.  Not something I would want to lug around but then again, they want to keep the fencing up without having to secure it in the ground.

View from the Southern Overlook Platform looking North across the parking lot.

Piles of sand for the cement forms

Rebar is set (foreground) for continuation of outside foundation around the four primary piles.

West foundation (closest to current fire tower).

This must be one giant erector set kit!  More Rebar staged for use.

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