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10/23/11 - The Roof is On

You can hardly convince a man of an error in a lifetime, but must content yourself with the reflection that the progress of science is slow. If he is not convinced, his grandchildren may be.
Henry David Thoreau - A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers - 1849 

The roof is on and the cab, to the lay observer, appears complete.  Put in the glass that will protect the contents from the elements and you have a watch tower from which you can easily see "the sun rise up out of the sea." (A Walk to Wachusett.) 

And today I witnessed one of the most beautiful sun rises that I have ever seen on the mount.  A bank of clouds sat far to the east "behind" Boston.  As the sun rose closer and closer to the horizon, the clouds were outlined in a golden brilliance as if it were the New Jerusalem far out in the heavens.  It was most striking.  Nearer and closer to touch is the earthly profile of Boston.

The New Jerusalem ... Boston Sunrise
I, along with two other observers, strangers to me, watched in complete silence at 7:09 am as the suns rays pierced the sky and reached our eyes far to the west, about 45 miles from the Hub.

The most obvious change today, from two weeks ago is that the cab is almost complete.  One can now get a real sense of the final visual appearance of the structure.  Work to be done now will be the final touches externally such as the completion of the facade rock wall, the railings about the observation tower, the ramp walkway, the final touches on the cab, and of course, the landscaping.  Things are rounding into final form.  But, workers were once again on site at 7:30 am (Sunday)!  They must really be pushing before snowfall!

Sun Bathing the Eastern Face of the Towers
Cab Detail
Now that we are almost complete, I still have not notices any stairway for access to the cab!  It would seem that a hole in the deck floor would be appropriate at some time in the near future.

Eastern Wall
 On the eastern wall, you notice the "holes" in the facade of the rocks.  I wondered about that and so I emailed the stone mason himself.  According to James "Mick" Litterio, of Litterio Landscaping Inc., he left the "holes" there for placement of the handrails when that hardware comes on-site and into position.

Litterio Landscape of Clinton, Massachusetts - Stone Masons and Landscape Architects

The Always Photographed NE Corner

Twin Towers

Crow's Nest
Notice the feet of this "cage."  They are angled in such a way that the cage will sit on top of the tower cap. It will be used for communications equipment.  As you can see in the picture two frames up, of the old tower, there are several antennas placed about the framework.

Old Glory at Sunrise

Ramp on Western Wall

Western Wall
Almost to the top of the observation platform with the facade.
Southern Wall
No door in site yet!  And from below, you can see that the roof is not yet installed.  Light still shines through the uppermost wall in the back of the interior.

Southern Wall with Doorway and interior Compartment

View towards Worcester at Sunrise

Towers in Tandem ... Soon to be but ONE!

Almost Grown-up Turkey Family at the Base of the Mountain
Be careful boys!!  Thanksgiving is coming soon.

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