Saturday, October 1, 2011

10/1/11 - Fogbound Summit

You must love the crust of the earth on which you dwell more than the sweet crust of any bread or cake; you must be able to extract nutriment out of a sand heap. 
Henry David Thoreau - Journal - January 25, 1858

And so on this very damp and foggy morning, we too, extract nutriment out of a sand heap.  Or at least we make the attempt - and at least for the attempt, we feel better.
An early morning ascent before the rains arrived was my plan, and that part worked well.   What didn't work out was the clouds and the fog.  A 6:30 am run up a wet Mountain House Trail left me wet and muddy from a fall in the dim light.  But, I continued up the trail and into the fog.  

The rain held off, but the thick soupy fog only intensified.  Pictures were "foggy" at best.  It was almost impossible.  So foggy were the images, that I took some close range pictures to be sure my camera was still functioning. 
Close-up picture to check camera.
As for progress on the summit, there is not much more to be said for the road and the parking facilities.  That is complete.  The Fire Tower with Observation Platform however has more work yet to go.  
In spite of the relatively good weather this past week, a visual does not give one the impression that much has progressed.  However, through the fog, I observed a few things on the work:  
  • The "lumber yard" has but two planks remaining from the bundles marked "Brazil" and "Baltimore."  There are other bundles, but that wood went somewhere! 
Lumber Yard - absent Brazil Teak

Wood Deck in place?
Deck Planks on the Observation Deck
  •    The supports for the ramp now wrap completely around the corners of the base building whereas last week, there were voids at the corners. 
Ramp Joists Warp Around Corners
Joists on the SW corner and Wood Deck just along the edge of the south face of the Observation Deck
  • I was able to peer through the doorway on the south side to see sky light coming from above.  So, whatever wood has been laid on top of the observation deck, it is not completely covered.  Due to the angle of this picture, one can also see how the joists for the ramp are fully extended around the corners especially to the right hand side of the picture where the ramp ends and pedestrians will be on the observation deck.
Light from Inside the Base
  •  The top level of the Fire Tower has had joists (I assume steel I-beams) placed for the flooring of the cab.  It is difficult to see, but it certainly appears to be the joists.
View of Tower Cab Floor Joists

This picture almost looks like the backside of the tower is the shadow of the front side, but obviously the shadow effect is caused by the thick fog.
Lift Vehicle Still on the Summit
There is more work to do on top, so ... the Lift equipment remains.  I am sure rental of such equipment is not cheap.  They want to get this over with as soon as possible!

My camera is still working at the end of the visit!  Time and exposure create growth on a fallen tree beside the trail.
Nutriment from the Sand Heap
Fallen leaves on the trail mark the beginning of Autumn.

Next week?  more progress and better pictures.  Don't forget ... "nutriment from the sand heap!"  Have a good week.


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