Saturday, September 24, 2011

9/24/11 - Ramp Work Continues

Who could believe in prophecies of Daniel or of Miller that the world would end this summer, while one milkweed with faith matured its seeds?   Henry David Thoreau - Dispersion of Seeds

Two changes were obvious this weekend, the first certainly indicates that they are pushing to get cars on the top by Columbus Day.  The parking lots appear to be complete with lines painted on the asphalt and guardrails in place.  A sign has been placed with instructions for those persons desiring to park in the handicapped area.
Handicapped Parking
To the left is the picnic area, now about half the size as it was in the past.

Main Parking Lot (upper level) with Guardrails

Final run up to the Handicapped Lot
Notice the sign with instructions and you can also see the guardrails and the drainage facilities below the handicapped lot.  And a tell-tale garbage can in place for visitors.

The low level cement ramp begins the climb
On the upper summit level, the change this week is the construction of the steel ramp which will wind around the base and lead the public to the observation deck.  The deck boards will be placed on the beams with a smooth transition.  I am guessing that wood will also cover the cement otherwise, winter time ice will make it impossible to walk up the ramp.  At the very least, some type of non-skid surface will be required.

See further pictures of the deck wood below.   

Cement meets Steel - NE Corner
Here we are at the old NE corner.  Seems like yesterday it was but a hole in the ground.

North wall and ramp support.
Remember the rabbit from a few weeks back?  This is how he would view it!

View from Ground Level - North Wall and ramp beams.
It now becomes obvious why the stone facade was built only partially up the walls!  Once the ramp is in place, they will probably continue going upward.

Western Wall

More Tapered I-Beams to Complete the Ramps
Today, I also note the presence of a large crane with a working bucket on the end of the boom.  I suspect that they will soon begin working on assembly of the cab on top of the tower.  Until there are ladders in place, there will be only one way to work on top!

Crane to lift workers to the top for installation of the Cab

Deck Planks  Await Installation

Humm ... Teak Deck Planks from Brazil?
Two bundles said "Made in Brazil" while the other two simply said "Baltimore."  Perhaps that should read "Grown in Brazil?"

South Side Wall, Facade, and Ramp Beams
You still can see the sky from inside the chamber, so there is no covering in place yet.  But, I do see wiring hanging, so they are probably doing some internal work.


South and East Walls
The SE corner is where the ramp will end.  Around the top of the chamber there runs a cement edging that overhangs just a bit.  I wondered why it breaks on this corner ... well it is obvious now... That is the point at which pedestrians will conclude their "ramp walk" and step over the threshold to the level observation deck.

Mr. New ... meet Mr. Old
Never Forget
Wachusett received some rain in the past 24 hours.  It is music to my ears when falling to the earth; it is music to my ears as the run-off makes its way to the ponds below the mountain.

 Come back next week ... Deck planks in place?  Cab construction?  We'll see....

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