Saturday, January 28, 2012

1/28/12 - Progress Deck Railings

Take long walks in stormy weather or through deep snows in the fields and woods, if you would keep your spirits up.  Deal with brute nature.  Be cold and hungry and weary.
Henry David Thoreau, Journal, December 25, 1856

Today's visit to the summit was taken in most unseasonably warm weather.  In fact, the winter season of 2011-2012 will undoubtedly go on record as one of the warmest in years.  Unlike the "brute nature" of Thoreau's winter in 1856, we find that spring has come early.  I will soon be seeing maple trees at the foot of the mountain bearing "the augur."

Spring-time in the Winter
Yes, we will most likely have a storm or two before the advent of Spring on Tuesday, March 20th, but it sure feels like mid-March this morning.  The sun is shining high in a clear blue sky, woodpeckers are tapping for insects high in the forest trees, birds are heard chirping in the distance, and water flows gently along the trail splashing over the rocks and down the mountainside.

Ah ... I digress.  The project!  What is happening this week?  Easy answer ... not much.  Aside from a new section of fencing in the barrier that surrounds the site (perhaps the wind and recent rain storms pushed it over?), I see little or nothing - from the road - as having advanced the cause of this endeavor.

Summit Approach

Things look pretty much the same on the approach up Mountain House Trail and on to Up Summit Road.  Lets take a walk around the perimeter.
Broken Sections of Original Fencing - Horizontal Support
What's with the sections of fence ... they weren't there last week.  A new section?

And sure enough, a few feet further on, we can see the new sections in place.  They look newer and cleaner; they also sport a diagonal support, different from the horizontal support of the original fence.
New Chain Link Sections - Diagonal Support
Obviously, the old tower is still standing.  I did meet a couple of hikers this morning and they surmised that eventually, the public would be allowed to climb the old tower!  Unfortunately, I broke the bad news to them that sometime later this year, the old tower would be dismantled!  And with news of that, one fellow told me that he will have to get up here one day before then to "knock that activity off his bucket list."

Northern View
Do I notice something after all?  Is that a railing break on the far right?  Let's look closer.

Old Glory at NE Corner

NE Corner
As we continue our walk around the site, let's focus on the guard rail on the Observation Deck.  Last week, we saw the fence, now it has a top railing!  So, there is progress!!! 

It begins on the Eastern side where there appears a top railing on the fence.  Once you get to the NW corner, it needs more work.  The topmost railing is not there.  And it continues all around ... the western side, the southern side, and on to the starting point of the SE Corner.

Eastern Wall - Railing Begins

NE Corner - North Wall - Railing in Place

North Wall - Railing in Place

At the NW end of the northern wall, the railing is incomplete and from here, all around to the beginning.  Obviously, more work to do.

NW Corner - Incomplete Railing
Western Wall - Railing Incomplete
 And on to the Southern Wall, also incomplete.
Southern Wall - Railing Incomplete
Southern Wall - Incomplete
The Beginning - Eastern Wall
Full circuit.  Back on the sun-filled Eastern side. Nothing more to report this week.  But, the project is still moving ahead.  What about the missing ladder?  And the railings around the ramp?  Hummm??

Southern View To Worcester
Til Next Week.

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