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2/04/2012 - The Railings Are Taking Shape

Perfect sincerity and transparency make a great part of beauty, as in dewdrops, lakes, and diamonds.
Henry David Thoreau - Journal (6/20/1848)

Another beautiful "spring-like" winter day!  No snow and none in sight!  Unbelievable.  We have had years past with little snow and not much in the way of winter-like conditions, but it's always something to talk about when it happens again.

Sunrise - 6:59 am
But, let's head on up and see what has happened relative to the new Fire Watch Tower this past week.

Indeed, progress found on the summit this morning was quite surprising.  Even from a distance, In the early predawn light, I could see the small silver anchors for the inside railing as they gave a glimmer from afar.  And work has now begun on the outside railing beginning at the foot of the ramp on the east side of the tower. 

East Side Railing and Anchors
I quickly noticed the silver rectangles spaced evenly on the openings in the stone left by the stone mason.  And in front of them, the guard rail on the east face of the base is now in place.  Take a look closely at the picture below.

Detail - East Side Railing

This picture is dark, but looking "through" the guardrail fencing, you can see where the inside railing supports have been attached.  First they secured the lag bolts at the cement openings of the stone facade, and then, on this eastern side, they have secured the railing support to the lag bolts. (If I have explained that correctly.)  As I moved about the tower base to the northern side, the railing supports have not yet been added, and to the western side, they have not yet secured the lag bolts.   You might look at this picture and wonder about the "red lights" on the railing?  No ... not lights, just reflection from the rising sun that looks directly on to the mountain as it climbs over the horizon.

Here's a better angle and in lighter conditions.  The black extensions for the guardrail have been attached to the lag bolts.
SE Corner And Ramp Construction

So now a trip around the site to be sure there is nothing else new for the week.

The Ol' NE Corner

America The Beautiful

Handrail Plates - North Wall

Handrail Plates - Detail on North Wall
 Most of the squares have 4 bolts.  Some are not complete - notice the missing plate on the bottom left in the picture above.  Perhaps the stone is interfering?  Some of the bolts are flush with the cement; some are not yet screwed in all the way.

NW Corner
It is here on the NW corner that the lag bolts stop.  So, in total, they are about halfway around the base with the attachment plates and bolts.

Western Wall
Looking up at the railing on the Observation deck, it now appears to be pretty much complete.  And if I could see it correctly, that top piece of railing is of wood.

Now, on the south side, the top of the railing is not yet complete.

South Face
Eastern Face - Top railing
Ramp on Eastern Wall - Ground Level

Site Lot ... Picnic Table and Rocks

Ramp - Eastern Wall
Notice the wooden construction on the observation deck.  I assume they will have the "interior" of the tower superstructure sealed so that the public will not climb the stairway to the cab.

Oh yes, they are skiing on the North and Western slopes - man-made that is!  

Summit of High Speed Quad Lift

Look Back at the Site Before Leaving

View Towards Worcester
Until next week!  The forecast has no snowstorms on the agenda and very mild weather ahead early in the week.  Later, it should get colder, but still no snow.

Super Bowl tomorrow ... Patriots vs. Giants ... Go Pats!

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