Saturday, February 11, 2012

 It is not enough to be industrious; so are the ants. What are you industrious about?
Henry David Thoreau -  letter to his friend, H.G.O. Blake, on 16 November 1857

The forecast this morning called for 2" - 4" of snow and what we got was 2 - 4 flakes!  The atypical winter season continues.... I hiked up in the afternoon about 2pm ... temperatures pushing 40°F.  They are still skiing on the north slopes, but as before, it's pretty much all man-made snow.

And so does the push to complete work on the Tower project.  I could see that this past week has been one of preparation for the return of the Stone Mason, Mr. Mick Litterio of Litterio Landscape Design & Construction.  We have not heard from Mr. Litterio since late in the fall for two reasons:  the temperature dropped below the 35° F limit below which he is not allowed to work, and also because the hardware for the railings was not yet installed.  He did all the stonework possible, leaving windows for the openings where the railings would be attached to the cement walls.
And now that the railings have arrived and the attachments for the railing support are in place, the hope is that the stonework can continue.  To improve the chances of that happening, a plastic shroud has been placed over the ramps where they will do the stonework.  Work is expected to begin this week.  

Will it work?  You decide.

Framework for the Shroud

NE Corner
The wooden frame is set up along the eastern wall and it comes to a tapered end just around the corner in the top right hand corner of the picture above.  If it works, they will continue along the northern ramp.  One advantage of the eastern wall will be the possibility of a bright sun shining on the plastic and creating a greenhouse effect.  That might create extra warmth for the mason.

North Wall Throough the Ramp Fencing
Notice the grey hand railing that has been set in place (look on the wall at the tip bracket).  This is set to see how it will be when finished.  However, this is just temporary.  The railings cannot  be fixed in place until the rock facade is completed.

We Need a New Flag
NE Corner With Frame For Plastic
West Ramp
NW Corner Detail
The wooden railing is not yet in place although you can see what it will look like by viewing the upper railing that has been placed about the observation deck.

West Wall, Brackets and Ramp
On the West Wall, the brackets are in place and await the stone mason.  I did notice a couple of sections of fence that are damaged.  That is why they are on the ground and not in place.  With the fence in place, it would appear as if the stone will have to be carted up the ramp from the East Wall or dropped through the opening in the fence from the cage lift.

Long Awaited Railing Brackets - Detail
The Stars of the Show
West Wall With Damaged Fence Section
SW Corner
Now we see not just one, but two damaged fence sections!  I hope it doesn't take as long to replace or fix them as it did to get the hardware delivered the first time.

South Wall in Winter Sunshine
And now, lets swing around back to the East wall and the ramp.

Ground Entrance to Ramp
Here we can see the concept in the plastic sheeting.  I expect that Monday morning, the plastic will be lifted over the outside of the ramp and the wooden framework.  Inside the tunnel, the stonemason will be busy at his craft.

Ramp, Plastic, and Frame for the Tunnel

 While cloudy at times, the sun did poke through the clouds to light up Leominster!
The Road Home
Have a safe week.

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