Saturday, March 17, 2012

3/17/12 - Railings and Grating Work Continues

There is nothing so sanative[sic], so poetic, as a walk in the woods and fields even now, when I meet none abroad for pleasure.  Nothing so inspires me and excites such serene and profitable thought.  The objects are elevating.  
Henry David Thoreau - Journal IX, 400-402

Daylight Savings Time came upon us last weekend, so the work can continue later in the day.  And as the project is behind schedule, I am sure this is a welcome window of opportunity.  But today, as I reach the foggy summit at daybreak, steel workers are already busy at work making up for lost time.  Railings and deck grating are the order of the day..

I immediately notice that the high rise orange lift is back on site - perhaps for work on the ladders and grating.  

Daybreak in the Fog
A Yard Full of Railings
NE Corner
 Here I get my first look at the newly placed deck grating for the ramps.  And as I watch and take a picture or two, the workers position the railing as it moves around the NE corner.


Still Overseeing the Operation
Continuing across the Northern Ramp
Around the Corner And Up the Western Ramp

Western Ramp
 None of this was done without the construction engineers recipe for success - "The Prints."

Prints for the Railing
Hopefully those prints will tell which piece to select ....


Deck Plate Positioning

Where Do All These Parts Go?
Securing the Railing on the NE Corner
 Workers had screw guns and aluminum snap fittings to secure the railings... as long as they fit!

Landing Grating in Place
Foggy Twosome
On the western side of the site, beside the old tower, I notice that the brush has been cleared and that there has been activity on the road below the tower.  Looks like the communications power work has begun ... the next major phase of the project.

View Down the Side of Old Tower Fence
 Beneath the blue tarp is some cement work that will house utilities which will service the tower.

 Time to say good-bye for the weekly visit.

I will be in Florida next week, visiting my 91 year old Dad.  Back before the end of the month however.  If you visit, send me some pictures; I will fill in the blanks.  Thanks.  Safe hiking....

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