Monday, March 26, 2012

3/24/12 - Wachusett from Florida

A man must generally get away some hundreds or thousands of miles from home before he can be said to begin his travels.  Why not begin his travels at home?  Would he have to go far or look very closely to discover novelties?  The traveller[sic] who, in this sense, pursues his travels at home, has the advantage at any rate of a long residence in the country to make his observations correct and profitable.
Henry David Thoreau  Journal II, 376-377, August 6, 1851

So, here I am on the west coast of Florida, 1,200 miles from home.  My travels can now begin.  It is a long way to the mountain from here.    And there is probably no finding of anything except a longing for the muddy trail and the rocks and the winds from the west.    The sun comes up straight over the horizon, albeit about an hour later, and you can get the same view from anywhere in the state - the closest thing to a mountain is probably a highway overpass!  One thing that is clearly different is the temperature.  Even with the unusually mild winter back home, we have not had a steady flow of +80°F temperatures.  I hear that the temperature back home today is in the mid-30s! 

And so, I must resort to breaking out my notes and reviewing my blogs as I wonder what might be taking place on the mountain this past week.  Probably a continuation of work to move the electronics from the old tower to the new one.  But, I will be back this coming weekend - or maybe even Friday morning.  See you then.

I would rather travel at home!

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